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It is well known that the house buying and selling process in England & Wales can be troublesome, stressful, and long­winded. 

Our view is that the process can, and sometimes does work very well, however problems can occur as a result of poor communication, misinformation and the inability of professionals to work together. 

Vickery have changed this and offer clients the option of an ‘All in One’ service, bringing together the two key elements needed when selling your home – sales & conveyancing. Vickery have worked alongside Specialist Property Lawyers (SPL) for over 11 years and have developed a personal, professional, and efficient service to sell your home including legal fees. By offering this joined up service with no referral fees being paid you receive an uncompromised service that focuses entirely on you and your sale. 

When you instruct Vickery on an ‘All in One’ basis, the legal fees for your sale will be included in our agency fee, only disbursements will be payable to SPL. As soon as you have instructed Vickery you will receive confirmation from SPL of the expected disbursements payable, together with all the forms that, once completed and returned, are required to open your property file. It’s seamless.


The ‘All in One’ service means that once a buyer has been found for your home the sale can proceed without delay – you will have already received and completed the legal forms needed to open your file, so SPL are able to send a draft contract to your purchaser’s lawyer, immediately.

You won’t need to waste time contacting legal firms, waiting for quotes, choosing the lawyer who you hope will do a good job and then stressing over the legal forms when they eventually arrive – at this point, time is of the essence and you’ll be under pressure and feeling the stress already – not having a lawyer in place before a buyer is found can cause a delay of several weeks.

Confidence & Communication

You’ll meet the Vickery staff selling your property and have direct contact with the lawyer and support staff acting on your behalf – we have effective and open communication channels between us to ensure we work together, efficiently, to progress your sale and provide you with regular updates.

One of the frustrations often felt by customers relates to the wider chain of transactions linked to their own sale – by establishing our ‘All in One’ service we ensure that your SPL lawyer keeps you and Vickery appraised of your sale and potential onward purchase, while Vickery identify and communicate with other parties in the chain of transactions to ensure sales are moving ahead as efficiently as possible. Regular updates from both Vickery and SPL give you peace of mind that your transaction and your chain are progressing.

Fixed Price Cost

Our ‘All in One’ service is based on a straightforward single fixed fee which covers the cost of your property sale, legal fees connected to the sale and your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), only disbursements are payable. All of our ‘All in One’ fees are offered on a no sale, no fee basis*.

Specialist Property Lawyers are also able to provide a competitive estimate should you have an onward purchase, so you know what the overall cost of your move will be.

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